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Avem CPS
Idem C
Magna C IBF

Avem Cervical Plate System


Anterior Cervical Plates & Screws

Available Plate Configurations

One to five level plates ranging from 8 to 91mm (hole-to-hole)

Available Screw Sizes

Fixed Self-Drilling Screws: 4.0mm (Gold) and 4.35mm (Green)

Variable Self-Drilling Screws4.0mm (Purple) and 4.35mm (Dark Blue)

Fixed Self-Tapping Screws4.0mm (Gold) and 4.35mm (Green)

Variable Self-Taping Screws4.0mm (Purple) and 4.35mm (Dark Blue)


Intended use

Anterior cervical spine fixation from C2 to T1

Magna C Interbody Fusion System

Cervical IBFs_edited.jpg

Interbody Fusion Devices

Available Sizes

Widths: 14mm and 17mm

Heights: 5mm-11mm, 1mm increments

Available Profiles

Titanium: Parallel, 5° and 10° Lordotic

PEEK: Parallel and 5° Lordotic

Intended use

Intervertebral body fusion of the cervical spine in skeletally mature patients 

Idem Cervical Plate

Idem Cervical Plate_edited.jpg

Cervical Locking Plate

Available Plate Configurations

Pre-lordosed, small-stature, one to four level plates with 28° Cephalad/Caudal hole angulation for end screws and 20° hole angulation for all other screws, ranging from 18 to 89mm

Available Screw Specifications

Dual thread, self-drilling and self-tapping screws in 4.0mm and 4.35 diameters in lengths ranging from 12 to 16mm

Intended use

Anterior cervical spine fixation from C3to C7

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